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Participant Portal Launch!

Written by Alex Pinto

I am very happy to announce that our Participant Portal is now live to all the participants that are sharing log data with us.

We have been working hard on the last month to scale out our algorithms and log processing so that we could take on the new influx of participants and also to be able to present to them an interface where they could interact with the results of our monitoring prioritization procedures and provide us feedback.

The infrastructure and the portal have been completed earlier this month and had been shown to some of our earlier participants, who have been helping us tweak the usability experience of the interface.

In the interface, you can pick the reports you want to see by date, and you can select a daily, weekly or monthly view. 

All the models that are triggered by the data are presented with summary data and a descriptive list of all suspicious events ordered by relevance. If you only have a couple of minutes to look events up on your Log Management solution, these should be the ones you look for.
I would like to invite all registrants to access the interface, even if you have not contributed with logs yet, and check out the results we are delivering with the public SANS DShield data we are using. Just ping us an e-mail and we will be in touch to set it up for you.
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