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No analyst is an island!

Written by Alex Pinto

One of the features I am most excited about the new Participant Portal is the ability to interact with the alerts presented each day.

This is useful if you have more then one analyst at your organization interacting with the reports. After all, it is important you can keep each other informed on what you are doing. Investigating potential breaches take time, and it would be a shame if all your analysts are unknowingly on the same issue.

So now you can let your other analysts know if you have already handled an issue:

Or if something is a false alert from the platform (as was the case with our friends from the Zmap team):
All issues that have been handled or set as a false alarm are grayed out on the report. You will soon should be able to filter them out from the report interface in a future update.
So, as soon as the update is on-line, don't forget to setup your profile so you can start commenting away!!
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