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New Website and Blog for MLSec Project

Written by Alex Pinto

It has been almost 2 years since the MLSec Project started and it has been an incredible journey from that simple beginnings asking for data from companies to experiment on to the community of over 40 researchers that collaborate and discuss the advancements of machine learning and data science in information security.
And throughout this evolution, the original MLSec Project website stood still reflecting the old "data gathering" aspects of the project and not representing our open-source projects and growing community. Sure, you could get the information you needed from the blog, but it was necessary to put all this information front and center on our website, so it could be more easily accessed by all. 
So it is with great pride that we release the new version of this site. This will be the home of our open-source development and community, and you will be also able to find all our presentations linked on the main page with ease.
The data gathering and daily reports that were offered on MLSec Project are now a part of the SaaS offering from Niddel. If you want to experience 2 years of research applying machine learning to threat intelligence indicator data, reach out to them to setup a trial!
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