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Machine Learning meets Information Security in Las Vegas

Written by Alex Pinto

We are very excited to be presenting in all 3 of the iconic information security conferences that happen in Vegas next week! Yours truly (Alex) will be speaking on BSidesLV, BlackHat USA and DefCon, and as such should be fairly easy to spot on the corridors (and parties) of the multiple conferences!

On BSidesLV, I will be presenting on "Using Machine Learning to Support Information Security", a fast paced introduction to the world of machine learning and, more importantly, how it can assist Information Security and be applied to better defend our networks and environments. As one of the examples, I will be presenting an overview of the MLSec Project and sharing some cool results.

For BlackHat USA and DefCon, I will present "Defending Networks with Incomplete Information: A Machine Learning Approach" (also here) which is a full analysis on why SIEM and Log Management tools are failing to address Information Security Monitoring needs and presenting machine learning as a disruptive solution for this problem.