Now that the holidays are over and everyone is slowly getting back to work (including yours truly), I think it would be a good time to update you in what the MLSec Project have been up to these last few months of 2014.

We have been very hard at work since summer, and a lot has been going on under the hood here:

I have also been delivering updated versions of the talks on several venues around the US (HushCon, SIRACon, and as a guest to some organizations) to help our industry be more familiar with data analysis and machine learning.

In other news, I have co-founded Niddel to handle product development based on the research we have been doing for the past 2 years. We already have tens of private beta customers, and would love to talk to you if you are interested in trying out our machine learning-powered, personalized Threat Intelligence Platform.

Looking forward

The project is going to be refocused on our community and open-source initiatives, and everyone is invited to make contributions on blog posts around their research and projects that promote the increased use of data-driven techniques on security. If you have some cool work done in this space and would like to join our community, please send us an e-mail asking for access.

We already have lined up for January:

  • A guest blog post from Mike Sconzo from Bit9+Carbon Black.

  • Many updates and related blogposts for Combine, including details on our CRITs integration.

  • A big upgrade is coming for tiq-test ahead of my upcoming talk on the SANS CTI Summit. We'll be introducing two new tests and discussing insights you can gather from your own threat intelligence feeds.

I believe that a lot of the improvement we will be seeing in the coming years will come from data-driven techniques, and it is very important for us as a community to be able to tell apart what is helpful and what is not. If only not to waste any more precious resources on dead ends.

So reach out if you think you can help us make data analysis an important part of every security professional's toolset.

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