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BlackHat and DEFCON Presentation - Video recording of slides

Written by Alex Pinto

It is still going to be a few more weeks until the recordings from DEFCON are made available, and I wanted to make sure that all had the opportunity to actually watch the presentation as soon as possible.

So, I preemptively recorded a video of a presentation through the slides from DEFCON, with just some minor changes on the deck. The result is a much longer (85 minutes!) and milder language version of the DEFCON presentation. It seems I do have a lot to talk about the subject, and that the absence of the alcohol I was required to take as a first-time speaker helps me keep my expletives in check.

You can find the video here in YouTube. If you not want to sit through the whole thing, here is a rough guideline of where to skip through in the presentation sections:

  • What is the Security Monitoring challenge? - 3m47s
  • Introduction to Machine Learning - 14m30s
  • Algorithm description - 43m10s
  • Results Summary - 70m30s


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